Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Computer Case Mod as a straight six engine!

computer engine - rhs view
Computer Engine, rhs view
computer engine - lhs view
Computer engine, lhs view showing leds firing.

This is my customised computer case, made to look like a straight six engine :-) here's a short video of it.

I'd seen a superb V-8 case, but since my car background covers Triumph TR6, GT6, and then a series of 240Z's, I knew I had to do a straight six version! 

I built a sequential flasher unit to fire the led 'spark plugs' - yes I know, real sixes fire 153624 not 123456, but this looks neater LOL

and yes, I have to admit, one old vacuum cleaner was slightly hurt in order to supply the polished stainless steel intake manifold tubes, and exhaust pipes.

I wasted countless hours cutting down and painting a tower case to a lower profile before deciding that I'd screwed up the cooling by putting the power supply over the heatsink.  Eventually I gave up and swiched the bits over to a std desktop case.  I could have kept all the manifolding on one side so I could park the case against a wall or something, but the "crossflow" version looked better.

I am going to add leds to the 'pulley' fan, and who knows maybe a servo-driven throttle flap to that manifold!

Feel free to suggest improvements, as long as they don't have the words "trash compactor" in them.

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