Friday, 3 April 2015

Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v + TFT 2.2" colour scrren

Want to have a fully functioning colour display microcomputer for a few bucks, and running off solar cells or three aa batteries?

Easy - enter the 3.3v version of the Arduino Pro mini. It can drive a cheap 3.3v colour 2.2" TFT screen via SPI

theres a very good howto HERE (yeah, a proper howto, not some fucking Youtube mess) - only thing you have to note is that the Adafruit-GFX-Library has to be renamed Adafruit_GFX  (yes thats underscore) for the sketch to work (so why didn't they call it that in the first place?)

Google is your friend for the Pro Mini details - the 3.3v version is a bit tricky to program the way i did it (from a 5v Uno, which has a 3.3v pin) but THIS howto got me sorted, programming it via the SPI/ICSP route with resistors in the SPI lines.

Yeah, its not as simple as the Picaxe, but fucking amazing really for a few dollars and bugger-all components.

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